Micamp Merchant Services has stood by its slogan “Your best relationship in business” from day one.

The Micamp journey began in October of 2006 when Micah Kinsler, current President of Micamp, was a business owner of multi- chain tanning salons. He was tired of paying such high fees for his salons to process credit cards and began to wonder if many other companies had the same frustration he did. After doing his own research into the credit card processing world, Micah discovered the growth potential the industry offered as well as how many companies were taking advantage of their consumers. Having a talent for sales and helping others, Micah dove head first into the industry, looking to save money for as many people as he could while helping to grow their business.

From there, he met successful businessman Stephen Campbell, the current Micamp CEO, who like Micah owned multi-chain tanning salons. Stephen confided in Micah he experienced similar frustrations with his current merchant processor, and had done similar research into the booming industry. Stephen informed Micah that he was looking to get into the merchant processing business as well, to help educate others on increasing their savings. With Stephen’s business acumen, and Micah’s sales ability, the two realized the potential together they possessed. In May of 2007, Stephen Campbell and Micah Kinsler partnered up and created their new business, “Micamp Merchant Services".

Micah and Stephen strove to grow their new business and achieved impressive goals quickly. As a two man team, Micah and Stephen began by taking to the streets cold calling and door knocking, communicating with any business owner they could reach, hoping to educate them on their potential savings. Micamp grew organically, bringing on one team member at a time. In early 2008, MiCamp opened the doors to their first office with a grand total of 4 employees. Due to their hard work, passion, and determination, in 2009 Micamp's portfolio was labeled the fastest growing portfolio on First Data's radar.

Since then, MiCamp Merchant Services has grown into a company with over 300 full time employees around the country, and became an elite member of First Data's President's Club. In addition, MiCamp continues to be the fastest growing ISO for First Data. In 2012, MiCamp Merchant Services was nominated for the 2012 BBB Ethics Award. With their full potential only beginning to be tapped, MiCamp continues to propel forward in the payment card industry, while helping businesses achieve their maximum potential.