My name is Carlos Redlich; I’m a Direct-Response Marketing Consultant,Strategist and Copywriter. I've assisted many Network Marketers, Online Businesses, Personal Fitness Companies, Law Firms and a number of Consultants with their involvement in Direct Sales, Internet Marketing, Business Coaching and Copywriting.

By working closely with these businesses I've gained an outstanding amount of experience in Direct Selling, Internet Marketing, Copywriting and Multi-Level Marketing.

As a Marketing Consultant/Strategist and Copywriter, I’ve learned many lessons. Three of the Top lessons I’ve come to understand and live by are:

Dedication- I understand the concept of having to start from ground zero and work your way up. I have an unyielding drive to succeed in everything that I do and have a personal mission to take all those who come with me to their next level, or degree should I say, on their “Success Thermostat.”

Willingness to Learn: I’ve learned that adapting to any environment, whether it be a physical location or a social setting, is a MAJOR key to success. Anyone even considering staying in business should learn the Art of Adaptability.

Responsible, Hard Working: No one should assume the job is easy. Even more so, if you’re not willing to be passionate about it, and make the current objective(s) a BIG part of your life, you shouldn’t even waste your time nor the clients time on even attempting the project.

Everything I do is done with the mindset of complete perfection.

I’m fully confident in my abilities to turn ANY business into a financial success. I only help 2 to 3 clients at a time. This allows them to have my complete attention for the scheduled amount of time we have together.

If I’m not able to work with you on a current project due to time constraints I’ll do everything in my power to refer you to one of my highly qualified contacts.

Carlos Redlich’s Specialties:

My specialties include Marketing and Copywriting. I can work with ANY industry as a Marketing Consultant/Advisor or as a Strategist and Copywriter.

I'm based in Miami, Florida but my services can be provided anywhere in the world. The BEST way to get a hold of me is through E-mail

---Contact Information---

E-mail: Carlos.Redlich@gmail.com