My name is Michael Garcia (The Lost Ancients A Glorious Civilization)is a Book I authored that answers all the topics listed below, challenge yourself to discover an ancient civilization that had greater technology then the world we live in today. Learn why this ancient civilization was destroyed by GOD with a world wide flood,and learn why Noah and his family were the ones saved to restart mankind on this world.You will also learn how and why the fallen angels inserted themselves and had a huge influence on this ancient per-flood  civilization and the corruption of mankind.Get your copy of this book today and learn more about this ancient civilization then any history book would ever dare teach you.    

The World: Before the Flood
Genesis Account of Creation
Ancient Maps
Ancient Aircraft
Evidence of Men of Giant Stature
What the Bible Says About Giants
Fallen Angels Giants of Genesis 6:4
Who Built the Great Pyramid of Giza
Ancient Aliens Were Fallen Angels
Ghost are Really Fallen Angels
Ancient Atomic Knowledge