I have traveled the world and criss-crossed America in three decades of television news -- or as Peter Jennings once wrote to me, saying: "seeing the world on someone else's dime!" -- and won awards along the way. I've provided live coverage of the '89 San Francisco earthquake; the Oklahoma City federal building bombing; from London, Princess Diana's death for NBC stations; September 11th in New Jersey and New York; hurricanes Ivan, Cindy, Katrina, Rita, and Gustav; and the Gulf of Mexico oil spill disaster, just to name a few.
    Now, I'm offering my world of experience literally to the world -- not just for one company or conglomerate any more. Michael Hill Media LLC uses my voice and on-camera and behind-the-camera experience to generate content. That means still reporting, shooting and editing news and feature reports for broadcast. (I'm a University of Missouri School of Journalism-educated and trained broadcast journalist.) Michael Hill Media also makes voiceovers and videos for business for in-house or conference use. This venture also edits and voices books. (Just edited "Wanakee's Nutritional Approach to Vitiligo and Other Autoimmune Diseases" -- available at www.TheWellnessWell.net)
     For the legal profession, Michael Hill Media will make HIGH-quality audio and video for depositions with a speedy turnaround. No more washed-out video!        
     For the public relations world, this venture offers client preparation and training so they can exude confidence to communicate their message.
     For non-profits, this venture can produce the audio/video proof of the great work you do all year to make this a better world.
     For the news industry, I'm available for freelance opportunities.