MCI & ASSOCIATES was formed, in Early 2005, it was to act as an umbrella for our other businesses. Those businesses are: Hides Detective Agency, Meridian-East Security Investigations;that are on the internet. The Spy Shop; New:Gateway-ebooks .com.  Hostgaroo webhosting online company, michaelcchristian.com SEO web site plus the list could go on. MCI does have a website, but is to be completely Changed for the above reasons.

The one that is all behind this, is Michael C. Christian; our Managing Director.
Michael Christian has been in business since 1982. In 1974 he became a Trainee Private Investigator working for a former Police sargent retired. with other staff in Canberra Australia. To this day he is still in the profession as a Private Detective, a grade higher!
He is now approaching the Big 'O' where the goverment give free handouts. I have to say; for his age he looks really good. there is a photo of him at one of our websites, in fact I have just been told he has the same photo on all 40 other web sites. As a staff member; and known him for along time (before I started ever working for him; I find him, honest, down to earth, and very genuine guy!

We have moved to Beijing China, and as of today, we have been permitted to stay indefinate if we wish, negotiated with the Chinese goverment.
That does not happen to everyone. Secret?Become a Detective!

Michael has been a long standing International person,negotiating with goverments in the past. he is in my eyes, a 'International Private Detective'. I do know now that he is slowly putting down the gauntlet, and arranging Training programes, Through Conference rooms on the Internet, where classes can go upto 2000 people a class. or through email. More info on that through our Press realeases not to far in the distant future.

This does not stop him from leaving Beijing to travel any where in the world to carry out Any investigations. He is free to come and go, Mainland China, again arrange with the Chinese Authorites.

All our websites are in the Mainland USA. we opperate our own Servers, we have our own Support system set up, that if you wish to have your Hosting with MCI ASSOCIATES LIMITED inc. then you will have no problems even we are running from our offices in China.

The company gives a around the clock service. while America Works, we sleep, but the service is 100% serviceable. Michael has done a lot of prep work spending time and money in to this project. To help our cutomers; that they may benifit from it 24/7. Michael has said: "There is nothing like peace of mind!" I do know that he is a strong devout Christian.

For now I will give my fingers a rest, and most proberly ad more profile content nearer in the future
22nd June 2009