Michelangelo Lite is the first super realistic, virtual, 3D showroom for iPad that helps you visualize your dreams and bring them to life. Browse products from world renown vendors and receive quotes based on your selections.

Michelangelo lite is a dream come true for homeowners, interior designers, and general contractors, who wish to browse product from many different vendors and visualize what the finished project would look like before investing thousands of dollars, and making a decision they might regret.

Michelangelo Lite was developed by industry experts with over 30 years of experience. If we love it, you will too!!!

Michelangelo Lite takes the guessing out of the equation by bringing innovation where there once was none. Being able to visualize your dream kitchen or bathroom, with this tile or that countertop, will not only save you money, but also a lot of time and aggravation.

For the first time ever you will be able to receive quotes based on the products you have selected and on your project dimensions, without ever having to leave your home. In fact, once you have finished designing your kitchen/bathroom, you will have the option to request a quote. The request will be processed instantaneously and redirected to local professionals close to you. Within a matter of hours you could be presented with as many as 10 bids for your project. And since these vendors will be competing for your business based on the products you have selected you will be finally able to compare apples with apples.