Terry's Guide to dining and drinking in southwest and southcentral Michigan features hundreds of unique establishments - including restaurants, bakeries, wineries, and microbreweries.

MichiganFoodandDrink.com is the brainchild of Terry St.Louis. Terry is a Michigan “foodie” who eats out at least five times per week. Due to his success at recommending outstanding restaurants, his family, friends and associates call him - from all over the country - asking his advice about the best places for a nice lunch meeting or a night on the town. Their requests were the inspiration behind this enterprise. Terry's website, blog, and database allows St.Louis to share his favorite places with a far larger and growing audience.

Terry takes great pride in his ability to recommend outstanding eating and drinking establishments. If you don’t see a place listed, “It either means I have not been there or I will not recommend it.” Thousands of visitors to MichiganFoodandDrink.com attest that Terry’s guide features “only the good places.”

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