MicroCare is the global leader in critical cleaning – enhancing the reliability and performance of your mission-critical electronics and mechanical devices. We offer aerosol cleaners for circuit boards, nonflammable solvents for degreasing metals and plastics, unique liquids that absorb water from parts, and other environmentally-friendly cleaning products. All of these are backed by exceptional product stewardship, which ensures your facility is safe and the products used cost-effectively. If you make products that have to work first time, every time, all the time, then you need MicroCare.

A short run-down on the product lines:

MicroCare(r) Circuit Board Cleaners --  The industry’s most innovative products for critical cleaning, all focused on improving product quality and lowering costs. Featured products include aerosol defluxers, stencil cleaners, the TidyPen(r) label remover; MicroWipe(tm) under-stencil cleaning rolls, and money-saving dispensing tools.

Sticklers(tm) Fiber Optic Cleaners -- For perfectly clean fiber networks. New! Sticklers™ fiber optic cleaners deliver the most reliable fiber networks at the lowest cost. CleanStixx™ swabs scrub the entire end-face of a connector (not just the contact area) while the innovative Sticklers™ cleaning fluid works better, faster, safer and less expensively than alcohol. Clean in seconds, clean for pennies!

Bromothane(tm) Cleaners -- The money-saving Bromothane™ cleaners are ideal for precision degreasing and surface finishing. MicroCare also provides carrier agents for the deposition of PTFE and/or silicone lubricants on metal, plastic, and ceramic components.

DuraGlide(tm) Lubricants -- MicroCare medical products are built on a 50-year legacy of chemical engineering excellence. We supply advanced cleaners, coatings and lubricants to the medical device industry throughout North America, Asia and Europe. Silicone and PTFE coatings available. Off-the-shelf and custom-formulations of FDA-approved materials also are offered.

All MicroCare solvents come with industry-leading product stewardship that protects your processes, your products, your people and your profits.

ISO 9001:2008 registered.