Micromedic is a publicly traded company listed on Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. The Company's main business is licensing, translating and commercializing new promising early-detection and monitoring biomarkers for various autoimmune clinical conditions.

Micromedic has created collaborates and strategic alliances with leading research and clinical institutes in Israel and in the US. Micromedic is currently collaborating  with Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv Medical Center, University of Florida and The Technion - Israel Institute of Technology.

Mission Statement

To bridge the gap  between preliminary clinical study and clinical needs, in order to create sensitive reliable new Biomarkers/Diagnostic tests, approved by the FDA and ready for commercialization.

Our Biomarkers :  Early Detection of  Colorectal Cancer, Risk rassessment  for  women  breast and ovarian cancer,  Early Detection of Autoimmune diabetes.