Middle Caicos Co-op Studio & Outlet, Conch Bar, Middle Caicos
946-6132     or 231-4884

The Middle Caicos Co-op was established in 1998 with 6 artisans and a small core of volunteers. Today over 60 artisans and volunteers contribute, keeping alive the original goals : to promote and preserve traditional Turks & Caicos Islands handcrafts and to maximize income potential for  local artisans

The encouragement of this not-for profit venture has made it possible for artisans to produce their handcrafts and be directly paid, without waiting for commission sales. This method brought many artisans back to their craft, and is bringing forward younger artisans who realize the value of their craft.

After ten years, the Co-op now has a permanent home in Conch Bar on Middle Caicos with a wide ranging display of handcrafts for sale, and archive and education area. It is also home to a bustling workshop for the fleet of hand carved gum-elemi model sailboats which compete in the Valentines Day Cup race each year.

These traditional TCI handcrafts are made from local plants : silvertop palm, whitetop palm and fanner grass; all sustainably harvested across North and Middle Caicos. Please support our TCI artisans and keep the cultural heritage alive and vibrant. Support  “Handmade in TCI”.