Midi Hits is a 30 year-old company producing midi and MP3 backing music for professional musicians. Currently, Midi Hits has created over 17,000 titles featuring many genres including today's pop, rock, and country hits; jazz, Latin, classic oldies, reggae, gospel, show tunes, TV themes, hip hop, rap, etc.  At the Midi Hits site, a user can search, order, and immediately download backing music.  

Midi Hits backing tracks offer the latest technology which provides the user with many tweaking options.  Although the Midi Hits backing tracks come fully orchestrated, the user may easily mute out instrument that he will be playing live. The user can also change keys, tempo, and individual instrument volumes.  Most titles come with built-in lyrics that will cue the singer karaoke style.

With this technology, the small band with two to five members can compete with larger bands for fullness of sound.  These small bands can be affordable for bars, restaurants, clubs, and other venues where hiring a large band is not possible.

Midi Hits offers it's licensed music around the world and updates it's site daily with new titles and/or daily promotions.