C.W.F. began as a way for a small group of expats to enjoy the warmth of friendship through the ritual of cooking and sharing a meal. It was created as a way to feel at home, no matter where we are, what burner we are hovering over, or which table hosts our fare.

What We Aspire To…

Chefs Without Frontiers is more like a club than just another cooking website.
Rather than give you recipes that are easy to find elsewhere, we prefer to make this site a place where you can discuss your experiences, share your stories, and learn something you didn’t know about the magnificent world of creating meals for the people you love.

With sections such as Food for Thought, The Politics of Food, On the Road, and a Forum, as well as links to other recipe sites and resources, CWF's mission is to enrich our readers with the heart, soul, and palate that makes cooking such a pleasure.