Mike Efford creates landscape art prints that conjure up the unseen spirit of the land, orchestrating color and line into the forms of landscape using animation software. He has an extensive background in 3D animation since 1994 when he started his own independent animation studio.

His work is influenced by an unusual combination of abstract expressionist painting and classical music. His imagination was lit up by abstract expressionism in the late 70's, while studying fine arts at Humber College in Toronto. His love of classical music was nurtured at an early age, and he taught classical guitar for several years after studying at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto.

He later combined that feel for the abstract with a deep sense of awe for the landscape, fusing it all together into a unique body of artwork. His art takes shape by creating organic 3D forms using animation software, and playing with the combination and blending of forms in a very improvisational way.

Yet the medium of 3D animation software brings a refinement and precision to it all that calls to mind the ebb and flow of classical music. A dynamic orchestration of colour and rhythm of form. Landscape form.

An extensive gallery of his work is online at www.mikeefford.com His limited edition landscape art prints are available for purchase directly on the website.

Galleries, interior designers and corporate art consultants are invited to call 416-763-7290 for a consultation.

He lives in Toronto Canada and enjoys classical music, hiking and travel.