Market Research/Surveys

As www.researchincorporated.com tells us in an article on their site, there are many benefits to using telemarketing to conduct research. A few of these include: "1. Large scale accessibility - 96% of Americans have a telephone in their household. Although Internet usage is growing, one cannot argue with the superiority of coverage via telephone. 2. Quality Control-When interviewers are trained properly, they can elicit complete responses from respondents and gauge how a respondent truly feels about a certain subject matter. When recorded, the analyst has access to a respondent's inflection when asked about new concepts or when discussing controversial issues. This valuable type of information is lost when conducting online market research or mail-out surveys." And finally, "3. Flexibility - When exploring a new product concept or complex issue, an interviewer can answer confusing facts about the product information."

At Minton TeleCommunications, we have the ability to record calls so that you get the most accurate data possible. And of course, with all the years I've been in telemarketing and telesales, you can rest assured that anyone working for me will be a well-trained, responsible individual.
Another Reason to Utilize Minton TeleCommunications
Even the U.S. Small Business Administration agrees that Minton TeleCommunications is good for your business! Well, maybe they didn’t quite mention the company, but a recent article distributed by the SBA does profess that, “…if you aren’t taking advantage of the many ways your company’s phone can be used as a marketing tool, you’re selling your business short. Your business phone is a crucial element in conveying your brand, promoting your business and convincing prospects to become customers.”
Their first tip is that you have a toll-free phone number. Well, at Minton Telecommunications, we have one of those that your customers can call. The article goes on to say that, “Your phone presence may be the first impression a potential customer has of your business….” With over 15 years in the telephone sales and marketing business, you can bet that I, and anyone who works for me, will be professional on the phone. We will treat your customers like they were ours, because if you think about it, without them we would be without you!
The point is, the phone is not a tool of the past; it is very much a relevant instrument to grow your business. Give us a call and we will be very happy to assist you in devising a strategy to help market your business, and get you to where you want to be.