As a Certified FocalPoint Business Coach, Executive Coach and Trainer, Mike Ungar incorporates years of dedicated knowledge in helping companies and business leaders that struggle with issues pertaining to productivity, management, leadership, and strategic planning. These businesses may also have trouble with their ability to successfully deliver customer service, develop teams, manage projects, and create a diverse and inclusive workplace culture.

As a former Army Officer and graduate of the United States Military Academy, who holds a master's of business administration from Clemson University, Mike utilizes his 35 years of manufacturing experience in guiding businesses through individualized plans as they correct and improve the areas where they fall short. To do so, he combines expert knowledge of not only manufacturing and Lean techniques but also leadership and coaching with my extensive training in FocalPoint methodology powered by Brian Tracy.

In the end, Mike's clients use the tools that he has equipped them with to consistently develop improvements that focus on safety, quality, cost, customer service and profitability. Along with this, while learning which areas are their weakest and starting the process of strengthening those areas, they gain the ability to set goals, and most importantly, take the necessary steps to accomplish them.