Mildred D. Muhammad is an Award-Winning Global Keynote Speaker, Certified Consultant with the Office on Victims of Crime & Speaker for the  U.S. Department of State, CNN Contributor, Domestic Abuse Survivor, Humanitarian, five-time Author, Actress, Certified Domestic Violence Advocate Trainer and Educator.

Mildred D. Muhammad is the ex-spouse of John Allen Muhammad, the convicted and now executed D.C. sniper. She shares her expertise and advanced dialogue on what it's like to be a victim and survivor of domestic violence without physical scars at various conferences, seminars, and workshops. Since 2006, she has impacted audiences of victims and survivors of domestic violence, advocates, law enforcement, therapists, mental and medical health providers, professors and college students.  Further, Ms. Muhammad conducts military personnel training regarding domestic violence. Her authenticity is as remarkable as her unforgettable story of abuse. She explains the perils of PTSD suffered by soldiers returning from war zones as well as victims who are diagnosed with PTSD.  She is lauded throughout military communities as a champion of the Family Advocacy Program and their mission to educate, promote and end domestic violence in military communities. In March, 2018, Mildred was invited by the U.N. Beijing and Embassy of Beijing to tell her story but to Mildred's impact, was denied a Chinese Visa by the Chinese Consolate.

Publications include I’m Still Standing: Crawling Out of the Darkness Into The Light (2017), A Survivor's Journal: A Journey from Victim to Survivor (2016), Planning My Escape: Safety Plan for Victims/Survivors of Domestic Violence (2014), Dare To Heal: Journaling the Pain Away (Its All About You) (Volume 1) (2014), and Scared Silent: A Memoir (2009). Sizzle reel - http://bit.ly/2IcE9AM | www.mildredmuhammad.com