A Technique Developed To Transform People’s Lives Is Found
In A Program And Method Best Summed Up In Its Motto …
“Choose Your Hero … CHANGE YOUR LIFE”

Belmont, NH  –”A life without dreams is like a garden without flowers”, is how one quote puts it. One of the newest companies to arrive on the internet retailer’s scene, MindBodyWinning.com, is trying to put the “flowers” – and “Heroes and Dreams” – back into people’s lives.

“There is a great hollow and lost feeling existing in far too many people these days,” said B. Francis Dougherty, President and Founder of MindBodyWinning.com, “It is not only in adults, but now includes our most precious youth -- and in a way and degree never seen before.” It is Dougherty’s greatest hope, he strongly expressed, for his company to become a “major player” in the changing of all that.

The company’s debut product – LIVING WITH YOUR HEROES – The POWER Of Emulation To … TRANSFORMATION – is a program developed that combines the knowledge and wisdom of past times along with many a modern mind-programming technique. It was created for all ages, young and old, with its lofty aim of bringing about the actual realization of one’s biggest life dreams and goals into reality – and into the program-follower’s life.

The method gives the follower what it calls a “Proven Mental-Roadmap” ... used by the major “Heroes” who have already attained and enjoy the “Very Dream” that the follower seeks and deeply desires. The categories of Dreams matter not, whether ranging from … Baseball to Ballet … Athlete to Artist … Singer to Speaker … or from Abundant Business-Success to Owning One’s Dream Home … the “method” for realizing the life-dream … is the same.

The “Master Common Key”, as the program describes it, was discovered to always be “in-common” with some of the greatest known Athletes, Artist, Musicians, Singers, Business Innovators, Composers, Builders, Architects, Leaders ... and more.

Offered free-of-charge, is a personalized, simple, yet very interesting “Hero-Selection Test” that helps you refine your “deepest Dreams” (perhaps, ”the reason you were made”, so says the program) and then select your “custom-made Hero” (past or present) who will become the driving force of your “TRANSFORMATION”.

Also of no-charge, is their free subscription e-newsletter “Living With Your Heroes”. Both offers can be had by visiting them on Facebook under “living with your heroes” – and then clicking on the link for either the test or the newsletter.

Dougherty’s final words to all those who have ever “given up on their Dreams” … is to repeat to themselves, daily, the following …

“If You Breathe … You Can Dream … If You Dream … You Can Breathe”.

You can contact and discover more about this company and their debut product “LIVING WITH YOUR HEROES – The POWER Of Emulation To … TRANSFORMATION” - by going to their website www.mindbodywinning.com ,
contacting them by email at info@mindbodywinning.com, or visiting them on Facebook (“Living With Your Heroes”). You can also follow them on Twitter at @MindBodyWinning .