Since its inception in 1998, MindMatrix, Inc. has been the leading provider of innovative sales and marketing software and solutions for residential and commercial real estate.

Through the use of revolutionary and dynamic software, MindMatrix streamlines a company’s information by converting into a usable form that is easily updated as information changes and grows.

Real estate marketing products and services are as old as the business itself, but never has there been a company so dedicated to making sure that companies are meeting their full potential to market their properties and services more effectively.

We believe that all property information and marketing content should be stored in one central location. The information should only be entered once, be easy to access, organize and effectively communicate. Only when a company employs this mindset and utilizes this strategy, can they outpace, outsell and outlast their competition.

The tools and services that MindMatrix provide, makes this easier than ever, regardless of company size, product, or location. MindMatrix commits itself to providing superior service, feature development and solutions through innovation and feedback.

We are one face and one place to go to for all of your marketing needs.