Minicards have been available in 200 Barcelona hotels since July 2003 and, in this way, directly reach over 3.4 million hotel guests a year. The Minicards displays in Barcelona have cards for a variety of advertisers: museums, attractions, restaurants, nightlife, entertainment etc..

Minicards are of credit card format, printed with the advertiser’s every possible information: product information, address, details on reach ability and map directions. In this way, the Minicards display gives the tourist an interesting and varied offer of particularly cultural, culinary and shopping addresses. Besides, the advertiser also has the possibility to give attractive discounts through his Minicard. This possibility makes it ideal to measure the response and therefore the effectiveness of advertising on a Minicard. Because of the impressive response figures in 2003, about 80% of the customers in Barcelona prolonged their contract for another year.

The appealing design and the compact format make it easy for hotel residents to put the Minicards in wallet, trouserpocket or breast-pocket. The lay-out of the Minicards is executed in accordance with the advertiser’s demands. The Minicards organisation offers advertisers an all-in package: design, print of 60.000 Minicards and distribution during 12 months. The production as well as the distribution is fully carried out by the local Minicards-organisation. If you want to know more about advertising with Minicards visit our websites: www.minicards.com or www.spainhotlinks.com