In this time of high unemployment and jobless economic recovery, we know one strategy you need to have to get a job.  That strategy is real life, look-'em-in-the-eye "Networking".

Networking accounts for 80% of the jobs that will be gained.  Just about every news story about gaining employment recommends job networking in some form or another, from telling everyone you know that you need their help in finding a job, to becoming a member in a local job networking group.

Minidoss offers Resume Business Cards - business cards with your key resume points, education, military service history, the web address to your online resume, and most importantly, your contact information.  We have several professionally designed cards already developed, and we have the ability to even custom design a card meeting your unique needs.

The Minidoss Resume Business Card is great for networking - it keeps your information straight with your network, and keeps your network informed of your skill set and experience.  It's also great for job interviews, job fairs, and just about any activity in your job search endeavor.

Our site, www.minidoss.com, also features upcoming job fairs in your city, and lists local job networking groups for free.

Through the rest of August, 2011, we have included an extra 150 cards to our 100-card economy pack.  For $19.99, job seekers will get 250 customized, 2-sided, 16pt thick, full color Minidoss Resume Business Cards.

We wish you the best with your job hunt.

Minidoss - Personal Branding for the Uncommon Job Seeker