Mintbook has been on a journey that has majorly focused on transforming the regular educational and training system for digitalized learning experience. The company provides the best learning solutions with the help of latest technology innovations and remarkable content. Founded in December 2013 by a team of education and tech enthusiasts with two decades of experience in the education and technology sector, the company has come a long way in its journey. Mintbook believes in continuous research and development in technology and content, to improvise and supply the best quality of its services. Mintbook holds digital rights from more than 100 Publishers in 10 different languages and in different formats. It has successfully set up more than 1200 digital libraries in India, catering to the needs of educational institutions, enterprises, Smart Cities, and the Government. Originally started off with digital library as their product, Mintbook also launched a Learning Management System in 2016. After the success of their digital library, the Learning Management System also was well received by the market. Today, Mintbooks has added more products to their service that aim towards supplying learning solutions to educational and the corporate sector.