Miracle Foundation is a nonprofit organization that brings life-changing care to orphaned and vulnerable children in India. For 20 years, the organization has used a measured and systematic approach, through its proprietary THRIVE scale, to ensure that children are reunited with family and also provided the quality of care and dignity that is their right. The organization also excels at providing training and educational resources that empower workers in the childcare ecosystem and partners at the community level to focus on the prevention of family separation. By reforming the way in which children are treated, and committing to support their families, Miracle Foundation will ensure safe, healthy and thriving children.

Miracle Foundation has been honored with the highest possible rating of four stars by Charity Navigator, an independent organization that evaluates U.S. charities’ effectiveness and financial transparency: http://bit.ly/1kWl3SN

For more on Miracle Foundation visit www.MiracleFoundation.org.