Black All-American Pageant Systems, Inc., a 501c3 nonprofit organization, is the producer of the Miss Black America Coed Pageant. The word "Coed" in our title represents the heritage of strong women who integrated into male populated schools and produced effective scholarship in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. *Circa 1878. Our pageant is exclusively for ladies ages 5 and up who compete in one of five divisional pageants. The Miss Black America Coed Pageant manifests the spirit of the "Coeducational" tradition. We present the beauty and intellect of college educated women, and provide them an opportunity to use their personality and intelligence to win college scholarships.  We are elevating the next generations of leaders and scholars. For more information, visit www.MissBlackAmericaCoed.org and follow us on Twitter and Instagram @MissBlackAmCoed and like us on facebook.com/MissBlackAmericaCoed/