At International Cultural Association (general incorporated association) we are raising money for the "Miss International Foundation", a fund for international goodwill and world peace. Your donations go to the blind, the severely mentally or physically disabled, and other unprivileged children around the world, through UNICEF Japan and corporations such as Yomiuri and Hikari to Ai.
International Cultural Association started in 1984 and it aims at nurturing a nature and peace-loving soul, above language and race differences, through the loving and the goodness of women.
We raise a call to the society on a large scale, through "Miss International Beauty Pageant" and through the "Miss International Foundation" we use the your donations on the behalf of international friendship and world peace. In addition, the money received for the first "Miss International Foundation", were donated through UNICEF Japan and Yomiuri/Hikari to Ai, to serve as relief for the food crisis in Africa. Last year the money were donated for the support of underprivileged children, through the same corporations.