Olá! I’m Luiz Silva, otherwise known as Mister Brazil, owner of the See You in Brazil travel business. Born in the bustling Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro, I grew up between the great city of Rio and the charming seaside town of Buzios, both home to the some of the world’s top tourist destinations – it was destined that I work in the tourism industry.
Here you’ll learn more about the Brazil you want to experience and how you can go about starting this journey. Brazil is an enormous country with an extremely wide variety of culture to explore. Each traveler is unique and I hope to provide the most useful information to help guide you and give you an inside look to bring you closer to Brazil.
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I’ll tell you about all my travel adventures. You’ll also learn about how I got to where I am today and how you can travel with us, partner with us, or just pick our brains about our passion for travel, lending a helping hand, and having a good time in Brazil.