At MIXX Modern Interiors, Inc., our goal is make green design easy, fun and affordable for all. The EPA notes that the air in our own homes may be 2 - 5 times more polluted than outdoor air, and Americans spend an average of 90% of their time indoors. From floor to ceiling, the materials, finishes, and furniture inside our own homes exposes us to potentially harmful pollutants every day. Children are particularly at risk, as growing evidence suggests their developing brains and bodies process chemicals very differently than an adult's.

That's why MIXX Modern Interiors, Inc. created the DIY Design Plan. DIY Design Plans feature eco-friendly furniture and accessories, with an emphasis on organic textiles and low-emitting materials and finishes, all packaged in a beautiful, professional modern design. A DIY Design Plan is a four-page pdf document that shows a modern green nursery design and provides a detailed list of all the products shown, including the dimensions, colors, retail price and where to buy. Live links in the document navigate directly to each product’s website. DIY Design Plans are available for download directly to a computer or smartphone in a matter of minutes.

Retailing at just $19.95, and available for a range of decorating budgets, DIY Design Plans are a low-cost way for anyone to design a gorgeous green nursery for baby. Today's busy parents shouldn't have to feel stressed out about decorating a modern, green nursery for baby. Our DIY Design Plans make green design a snap and our website offers a host of additional resources to help parents create a greener home for their growing families.

MIXX Modern Interiors, Inc. was founded in 2013 by engineer-turned-interior designer Trina Masepohl. Trina's worked in the sustainability sector for almost 15 years now, completing projects in energy and water efficiency, renewable energy and sustainable building design. Over the years she has realized that, while many people want to go green, they simply don't know where or how to begin. Also a mom, Trina understands the green guilt and confusion that busy parents face today and wants to make it easier for them to go green and feel good about it.

MIXX Modern Interiors’ DIY Design Plans were developed to make green design easy, fun and affordable for all.