Mobile Entertainment Services (MobEntServ) is a prevailing online support and creative media provider that will rely on the proven skills of its people to take advantage of the growing need for customer service support, both text and voice based, as well as creative support such as web design and development. Martin Eyking, who brings over years of Mobile Industry knowledge, leads the company as it continues to establish itself as a high quality and reliable online service provider in a global scale.

MoBentServ saw a fast growth for the past 2 years:
> Started with a 5-man team in Bangkok, Thailand in February 2007
> Currently have a 60-plus team of Contractors with center of Operations in the Philippines

> Aside from its Operators who handle Chat, Email and Voice support and services, the company maintains a core group in-house Creative Team handling all web/mobile designs and development

> It has conceived its own in-house Software Platforms used in Chat/Email Support Services and Database Storage

> It continues to maintain company Core Values of responsibility, flexibility, honesty, integrity, family, initiative and participation

> Its current mission prioritizing the well-being of its people while continuing to provide world-class service

> Its goal is to be The Best Global Live Support and Services Provider

MobEntServ has classified its target markets in the following segments:
> Mobile Content/VAS
> Social Networking Websites/Forums
> Digital Advertising Services
> Mobile Carriers

Vision:             The Best Global Live Support and Services Provider.    

Mission:                    We set standards that aim to deliver immense fulfillment for our clients and the utmost well-being of our people. At the core of this is the MobEntServ spirit, which continues to create a unique culture of camaraderie among its employees that makes us dynamic and innovative as we continue servicing on a global scale.

Core Values:         Responsibility

MobEntServ was created for the sole purpose of delivering a range of services using real people to communicate with its clients’ customer base, as well as develop creative media enhancements for web and mobile applications.

MobEntServ’s products and services range from live SMS text, email moderation and voice support to website design to mobile content development.

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