Making its home in California’s Silicon Valley, MobileCloudCode is managed by a team of engineering and sales professionals who recognized the need for cost effective, high quality IT services and application development for existing and emerging businesses.

MCC’s development partners are located in Eastern Europe, and for over a decade have maintained an impeccable track record of providing quality IT solutions on a global scale.

MCC brings together more than 500 highly experienced software engineers, database experts, security specialists and project managers to develop a host of business solutions, from project management to IT training, CAD/CAM, cloud computing and more.

MCC’s founder and CEO is an expert in global sales management with over 20 years’ experience in IT. As an IBM executive in charge of business development in emerging markets, he quickly recognized that geographic diversification for customers greatly reduced the inherent risk of dependency on one location for IT services.

With experience in the financial, retail, petroleum and manufacturing sectors, managing accounts from Charles Schwab, Visa and Walmart to Chevron, Chrysler and Boeing, he is an expert at developing IT solutions for a variety of industries