National Wifi Solutions (NWS) offers an affordable, effective, and an efficient mobile marketing service on multi-level platforms to service small to medium sized businesses as well as institutions regardless of the industry.

NWS see business mobile marketing as an exciting opportunity for businesses to grow and create strong customer loyalty and referrals. Our strategy enhances businesses with mobile marketing capabilities and solutions through our multi-level mobile marketing platform.

NWS intends to continue to fill the market need for a professional, customer-focused all-in-one mobile marketing company. The current trend towards an increase in the number of entrepreneurs and competition amongst existing companies presents an opportunity for NWS to penetrate a lucrative new market. Unlike the competition that offer business owners and institutions a-la-carte mobile marketing options, virtually causing mayhem on their budgets.  The services we offer gives NWS a comprehensive competitive edge as we offer, personalized mobile apps with a wide array of features, being published in the Android Market, iTunes Store, and HTML5. NWS also offer mobile text marketing (SMS/MMS), email marketing, instant message (IM) marketing, voice broadcast, and social media to include mobile websites.

Encompassing the total mobile marketing package enables NWS to offer a unique and superior service that add value business growth and institutional communications.
NWS offers one of the most competitive and complete technological communications based services exceeding customer expectations with innovations that caters to customer needs and wants all while staying ahead of the curve with the ever changing technology as it develops.

NWS’s complete package is available to businesses locally and nationally with immediate worldwide expansion capabilities assuring the highest quality of service at an economical price. NWS mix mobile marketing into what businesses and institutions already do to make it stronger to drive new customers to their door, to their phone, and their website, hence, increasing communications significantly.

The future of NWS services will encompass strategic partnerships to become HIPAA compliant to offer accredited mobile marketing the healthcare industry, also a video chat service is to be integrated into the mobile app development, enhancing business-to-customer video communications, i.e. video consultations, video patient diagnostics, video conferencing in the near future.