Clients who visit http://www.MobileMedCheck.com can select from 22 tests administered by Mobile MedCheck’s professionals – including preventive health screenings, pre-life insurance tests, drug tests, STD tests, and other health screening tests – and refer to an online price list that will enable them to know the cost of those tests before ordering them. After placing their online order, clients are then contacted by e-mail or phone to schedule an in-person appointment for blood or urine sample collection. Following that appointment, the tests are performed by a nationally accredited laboratory, and the results are reviewed by a medical doctor before being provided to the client in a comprehensive, easy-to-understand format. Confidential results which can be accessed only by the client are also available online.

Mobile MedCheck is the nation’s only company that provides in-home and in-office medical testing services. With its nationwide network of medical resources, it is able to dispatch licensed health care professionals to individuals in any city, big or small, throughout all 50 states. Complete information on Mobile MedCheck is available online at MobileMedCheck.com.