The Mobile Technology Association of Michigan (MTAM) is a trade association for the mobile industry, including: carriers, manufacturers, hardware developers, software developers, wireless system installers, tower manufacturers/installers, mobile marketing vendors, advertisers, users of the technology, and anyone else interested in Mobile.  Our mission is to grow the mobile industry within the State of Michigan, thereby generating increased entrepreneurial opportunities within the mobile technology space and creating sustainable jobs.

Our primary function: to foster cooperation between the various factions of the mobile industry and its professional associations globally, the State of Michigan and its various entities, the investment community, the education community, and technology users to facilitate the in-state growth of the industry.

We sponsor Michigan-based growth of the Mobile Monday organization; perform research and provide it to our members and other interested parties; facilitate idea sharing, entrepreneurial programs, training programs and jobs creation; act as liaison with the mobile community both inside and outside of Michigan; and serve as a resource for all things related to the Mobile industry for companies, individuals, educational entities, the media, and state agencies.