Mobius Knowledge Services is a leading provider of Content and Data Services.  Since 2002, we have built a reputation of excellence delivering technology-enabled out-tasking services and solutions supported by deep domain expertise to clients around the globe.  

Our capabilities in acquiring, integrating, optimizing and maintaining data are tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients in content and data-centric industries.  Our India-based operations centers and our around-the-clock processing enable us to provide cost-effective quality to global clients as needed.

Our offerings for the Financial Services sector deliver targeted, cost-effective solutions for data problems of all sizes.  We specialize in helping financial services firms improve and manage the quality of their reference data and build and maintain custom databases filled with accurate and actionable information.  We deliver incremental improvement and enable firms to leverage their existing investments.  Our technology-enabled services approach makes the tactical possible while supporting your big picture strategy.

For the online retail industry, we work with leading industry players like top comparison shopping engines and retailers of all sizes. The company’s services focus on driving traffic, improving conversion, and optimizing operational expenses. Mobius’ proprietary technologies, which focus on content aggregation and processing, combined with the knowledge on product categories and industry operations, help clients reap the advantages of global best practices at competitive prices.