The Supermodel Project still has 5 more months left. However; I won’t’ be finishing the competition. I withdrew in 7th place and have officially quit. You might think I am crazy giving up an opportunity to become the 1rst social media supermodel. I will say I have to be crazy to stay in the competition for 5 more months. It’s not the drama from other models, it wasn’t the possible threat of a black eye at the launch party and it wasn’t my critics that made me want to quit. It was OMG! and their outrages competition rules or lack of. Can you believe all the models did not start the race at the same time? Some models entered the competition 3 months after it started in February. If you go to their website, www.thesupermodelproject.com they are still looking for models to enter the competition! I was under the impression starting this competition I would be coming to the Orlando Office once a month for photo shoots, interviews and of course the taping for the docudrama.  As time went on models began to discover the back ground of the quarter back and creative director of the supermodel project, Alec Defrawi, which linked him in many complaints and reports of phishing scams, targeting aspiring models and actors. While my time in the supermodel project, I got called in for a casting for Job Nab which is also linked to Alec Defrawi. Which also has complaints all over the internet about it being a phishing scam? Perhaps I was willing to ignore that but I wasn’t willing to ignore the pay for site uproar within the competition. OMG! Allowed models who used the pay for sites win (monthly winner) and it was obvious models were still using the pay for sites even after Sydney supermodel project, the face book alias for OMG! Declared “models who continue using the pay for sites may be eliminated.” Not only were models rewarded for using the pay for sites ($500 dollars monthly prize winner for the model with the highest points) but they did nothing to keep models from continuing to use the pay for sites They adjusted points the first time models used the pay for sites but I realized why do I want to be in a competition that keeps allowing models to use the pay for sites.(paying for your fans) I came to the conclusion they didn’t’ care if models cheated to get fans, they were not going to eliminate anyone from the competition for cheating the face book app was rumored to be generating income for them. I realized why I am going to sit in front of a computer making them money when they can’t’ even be fair to the models in this competition.  I doubt there will be a docudrama on national TV. I remember being told we would go national and 5 months into the competition here we are waiting on photo shoots and to be filmed for the docudrama. In my opinion they don’t’ care about us we were just pawns to push their OMG face book app and to make them money.  They proved it by allowing models who had Smart phones download a phone app that would allow them to gain more points in the competition by checking into the hottest venues. That was funny because models were checking into their bedroom, their house, their grandma’s house, the bathroom and other absurd locations. Of course models were upset about this too! Not everyone had Smartphone’s and to receive points for checking into your bathroom? I wonder if OMG! Generated income from the check ins on models smart phones. OMG! Points had to be adjusted for this in the competition but I reached my point where I am done trying to figure out their rules and play by them while others get away with MURDER.. How can they reward models who used the pay for site? I am not stressing about it anymore. I am going to lose the 30 lbs I’ve gained from being in the computer by going to the gym. Good bye Supermodel Project and good riddance. I don’t ‘know if what catogoraizes a company as a scam but you can decide for yourself. All I know is what I was told starting this competition is not coming true and the reasons they give us are just to drag us out to finish the remaining 5 more months of competition and continue to push their OMG! Face book app. I’m done! I’m not sticking around to see if the photo shoots will happen in the fall like they now say. The fall is when the competition will end anyways; It will end early next year in 2012. The question remains now is will I still pursue modeling? I do know I can promote other models from what I learned in my journey here trying to become the first social media supermodel. I learned how to increase my online presence and I can do it for other models. I have created Battle of the Models that will increase the online presence of any aspiring or professional talent or help them win a competition. I could have easily rose higher in the supermodel project but what for? Make OMG! Money and watch models break the rules and get rewarded? I don’t think so. I’m done. I’m out