MODELS OF DIVERSITY is a London-based non-profit organization which advocates for more diversity in models, and demands that the fashion and marketing industries recognise the beauty in women and men of all races, ages, shapes, sizes and abilities. Our mission is to change the face of fashion and modeling!

ANGEL SINCLAIR, the Co-Founder, with SALLY WILLIAMS, is a former model herself and runs SINCLAIR MODEL MANAGEMENT, which is very proud to promote natural, healthy models from diverse backgrounds with whom people in the general population can identify. One of our biggest success stories is Kelly Knox, winner of BBC’s Britain’s Missing Top Model, and we're very excited that Fabia Cerra, star of Britain's Got Talent, was our latest Ambassador for Plus Models.

MoD and SM use top agency-standard models, because not just anyone can be a model; a successful model must still have special beauty and be able to sell a product. However, we reject the notion that only a very narrow range of ages, races, sizes, shapes and abilities are marketable. We demand that designers, stylists, buyers, photographers, agents, casting directors and managers end these outmoded and prejudicial practices. We advocate for plus sized, mature, short, and disabled models as well as models of colour and ethnicity, because that is who most of the fashion-buying public is. MoD feels it is discriminatory for the fashion world to ignore the needs of the majority of their customers.

Angel started the campaign after she appeared on Gok Wan’s ‘Miss Naked Beauty’ TV show in 2008. Angel was struck by the great variety of beautiful women participating in the event, and how that contrasted with the narrow range we see in the fashion industry. That’s when she decided with Sally Williams, her Co-Founder and fellow model, to promote models who reflect the wonderful diversity in society. Hence, the seeds for ‘Models of Diversity’ were sown.

So we campaign at fashion events, protest the tragic effects of the size-zero culture, conduct surveys, produce catwalk shows and photo shoots, sponsor workshops for people with disabilities, promote our models in the media, and vigorously use social networking websites – we have over 8000 followers on Facebook, YouTube Twitter. We know from our extensive online and street surveys that the public is in favour of more diversity; our ambition is to change how the fashion industry thinks, until it understands the importance of using all kinds of beautiful models with whom ordinary people can identify.

In March 2011, Models of Diversity is running our own show at Oxford Fashion Week. After a nation-wide open casting call, we will feature 20 male and female mature, petite, plus-sized and disabled models, as well as models of colour, in our show. Models of Diversity is the first non-designer group ever to be taking a runway show! In April, we partner with The Tree of Hope Children’s Charity in a fundraiser/ fashion show. And lots more catwalk shows are in the works for the upcoming season. We are pleased to inform you that MoD is now officially endorsed by the British Fashion Council.

Sinclair Management has been creating a storm in the world of fashion modelling since it started. Today, it is a dynamic business and an industry leader, with a team of experienced staff – our brand name and profile of credibility makes us an authority in the world of style and fashion. We use top agency-standard models, while our main emphasis is keeping women healthy, confident and happy. Our models do not pose a threat to the fashion-buying public as they do not look like the intimidating images we see in glossy magazines. Instead, they make women and men feel confident that they too can look good in whatever product the model is promoting. Our models convey that beauty comes in all colours, ages, shapes, ability levels and sizes, because you too are entitled to ‘feel beautiful’ within your own skin. The word ‘beautiful’ should not be relegated to the select few, but to everyone!

Angel and her team hope to encourage designers, agents, and bookers to use models who are more representative of the ethnic mix and average size of the UK and worldwide population. Having said that, we are aware that change will not come quickly or easily and that it will be a long journey. Will you join us?