The Law Offices of Moffa, Gainor, & Sutton, P.A. represents clients in Florida.  Receiving a Form DR-840 Notice of Intent to Audit Books and Records can be alarming and dealing with government tax agencies alone can be an intimidating experience.  The attorneys with the firm are experienced CPAs, have practiced law for over 50 years, and have concentrated on the area of tax controversy for over 30 years.  Common areas of tax issues the attorneys can help with involve tax liens, sale and use tax, corporate income tax, estate tax, gross receipts tax, and more.  In a situation when an auditor is too aggressive or unreasonable, the attorneys with the firm can move the case forward in the tax courts if necessary.  It is always best to have experienced attorneys representing clients for the protection of their rights and best interests at each step.  Many attorneys and CPAs refer their clients to the firm.  You can learn more about the lawyers and the firm at http://www.floridasalestax.com.