Moms of Michigan is founded on the purpose of supporting the network of non custodial mothers in the state of Michigan. It is every mothers parental right to nuture and be involved in their childrens lives. This site stands on the belief that children need both fit and loving parents to help them grow in society. When a child is without one or the other parent the system is erasing half of who they are.  The system allows these behaviors to happen everyday.

We are a growing allegiance of mothers who are tired of the disruption of our parental rights. Moms of Michigan is a place to come where you will recieve support but also grasp the ability to cope and educate yourself in these proceedings.

Moms of Michigan recognizes that step mothers and grandmothers need assistance in understanding the factors that limit them in the ability to have a meaningful relationship with the child. These are very fragile situations that can also destroy the family unit. It is important that parents find a healthy approach when seperation happens. But we also know that this does not happen in all cases and the new family and children are the members left to endure the pain.