Money School Canada offers Financial Basics workshops for students in Grades 4 through 12. The three hours of instruction, taught using a unique combination of  plain language ‘real-life’ examples, hands-on activities, role play, and skits in one-hour weekly sessions, introduce the essentials of: I] Financial Goal Setting and Savings II] Budgeting and III] Borrowing and Credit.  The Financial Basics workshop delivers an average financial literacy knowledge increase of 23% over baseline measures after just three hours of instruction.

Money School Canada’s goals are to ready a new generation of financially savvy young Canadians armed with the knowledge, skill and confidence they need to take control of their financial futures:
    Appreciative of the value of money and smart spending
    Aware of the basics of personal finance
    Proud and confident in their money management know-how with an appetite to put new learning into action
    Responsible for their own money choices and financial future
    Inspired to adopt a life-long learning approach to money management.

Now booking in-class Financial Basics Workshops for Grade 4 - 11 students. Contact us today to start your child's money management learning journey off on the right foot!

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