Once only worn by Hawaiian Royalty of days past, the rare Hawaiian Sunrise Shell, or Langford's Pecten, is a very deep water member of the scallop family and lives at depths in excess of 150' deep. It is so named because the shell's coloration displays the many vivid colors seen in the brilliant Hawaiian sunrises. In Hawaiian legend it is said that to find a rare Sunrise Shell is a blessing and to wear one shows your Aloha. Always admired, always unique, and only from the Hawaiian Islands, Sunrise Shell jewelry is truly a beloved treasure from the deep blue Pacific ocean.

We humbly offer our beautiful Hawaiian North Shore Sunrise Shell jewelry designed and created by Monica Parker of Haleiwa, Hawaii. Hand crafted natural beach jewelry in unique designs for all tastes - from authentic Hawaiian style to elegant Bridal jewelry designs, the stunning North Shore Sunrise Shell will capture your heart, stir your imagination, and honor you with many sincere compliments.

Please enjoy this beautiful collection of uniquely designed, rare Hawaiian Sunrise Shell jewelry. The shells presented here are of the finest quality found in Hawaii and you will enjoy their variety of shapes, sizes and especially colors! Fresh Water Pearls, Niihau Shells, Tahitian Mongo Shells, North Shore Puka Shells, Sterling Silver Beads and Swarvoski Crystals blend beautifully with the exquisite Sunrise Shell, making for some of the most unique hand-crafted pieces of natural Hawaiian jewelry you will find in the all of the Islands. Each piece designed and created with Aloha, on Oahu's North Shore, in Haleiwa, Hawaii.

Our shells are collected by our family of deep ocean divers and are the most pristine of shells in all of the Hawaiian Islands. Each shell is unique and each piece of Sunrise Shell jewelry is hand-crafted on Oahu's North Shore. With over 50 years of family history in surfing, diving, shell collecting and fishing you can be sure that your Sunrise Shell has been handled with Aloha and has been loved by our family as much as it is sure to be loved by you and yours. And rest assured, no live animals are ever disturbed. Enjoy & aloha ~

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