Saigun is a technology group focused on designing HR Management solutions. Saigun pioneers development of integrated, flexible and on-demand solutions for management of human capital. It provides technology to many Fortune 500 companies for various requirements in HR.

Saigun's flagship product EmpXtrack is a next generation software for Human Resource and Talent Management. The leader among integrated web-based solutions for HR, EmpXtrack is powerful enough to handle all 18 functions of HR department through its single window interface and provides comprehensive analytics for critical decision making. Designed as a SaaS (software-as-a- service) offering, EmpXtrack requires Zero-to-minimum investment in hardware and other software components, making it first choice of the organizations that require quick to use solutions with minimum investment in technology.

EmpXtrack  a web-based Global HR software product that covers all aspects of an employees lifecycle in an organization - right from recruitment to performance management, growth, management and eventual exit. It helps automate all HR processes in your organization and provides strategic inputs to all stakeholders including HR Managers, Management, Managers and Employees.

Over 250 configurable reports and graphical analytics provide valuable inputs to all levels of management and HR Departments for critical decision making.

Key Benefits of EmpXtrack HR Software:

   Web base software available in the SaaS model
   One of the most comprehensive product in the market built with years of research and customer inputs.
   Covers all areas of Human Resources including Employee Performance Management, Applicant Tracking and Recruitment, HRIS (Employee Database Software), Payroll Software , Employee Self Services and many-many more features with a ready-to-use solution.
   Significant customization options available to help adapt the product to your specific processes and needs.
   Offered in many different options (5 different editions) based on your current requirements.
   Our product range provides solutions to organizations of all sizes. Whether you are a startup of 20 employees or an enterprise with thousands of employees, EmpXtrack HR Software can empower your Human Resource Management function.
   User-friendly and completely web-based that can be accessed anywhere and anytime from any computer connected to Internet or your business Intranet (depending on your hosting choice).
   Flexible pricing model with a low front-end cost. You can add features and employee licenses as your needs increase over time.
   Built-in security allows role based access.