New book titled Look Nside Me By: Monique "Mo Beta" Burston. Look Nside Me is on fire. Look Nside Me stand on its own as a unique and powerful story. This book has no time base. Its timeless. Look Nside Me shows you things you thought you couldn't see, it makes you feel like you've never felt before. This story is not like one I've ever read before. Look Nside Me will be released internationally on September 10, 2010. You can get your copy now by e-mailing the author Ms. Monique "Mo Beta" Burston at mobetababy@ymail.com or by calling Mo Beta's book order line at 404-734-6618. I called and left a message to order my book and Mo Beta herself called me back to complete my order. Such a great personality. I learned from Look Nside Me that the only limit was the one I was putting on me. So now there is no limit. Monique Burston thank you for allowing me to Look Nside Me/You. It was worth the look. Check out other up coming titles by: Monique Burston. Titles include Save Me From Myself, The Final Look, He Asked For It, Kids Have Feelings Too, and The Industry.