Montague International Holding. Ltd and its affiliates are committed to developing and conducting business that is financially responsible now and in the future, consistent with the goals of the communities and countries that we partner with. Central to Montague's  Corporate Philosophy,we recognize that our goals and those of our host communities can be mutually beneficial and long lasting .
Montague is involved in  traditional industries such as manufacturing, mining ( USA, Peru, Vietnam ) , agriculture ( Colorado, Vietnam ), but also specialize in niche sectors such as large scale urban development ( Riga, Latvia) ,alternative energy ( Wind / Solar / Modular Refineries ) ,Wines & Spirits (USA, Israel, Moldova, Germany ) , pharmaceuticals ( Colorado)  and Aerospace ( US, Israel ) .Our non profit affiliate , Help Is On The Way, a 501(c)3 corporation, provides medical assistance to those in need.
Montague's Management Team shares an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion   to conduct business in way that benefits all ; shareholders, clients ,and, employees .