The More Health Less Care Alliance is a union of wellness professionals and health conscious Americans who are working to change our culture and ourselves. We're taking back our health!

For too long we've relied on the health care system to make us well. But truly the "sick care" system is keeping us ill. See a doctor - take a pill - feel better for a while - get worse - start another pill. Sound familiar? Many Americans are repeating this cycle endlessly, wondering why they don't get better.

Health care leaders will tell you that they can help you be well, but it isn't working. Who in health care gets paid for helping people to be well? In fact, the health care industry itself is sick. How many patients get unneeded care, the wrong care, or just plain bad health care every day in America? A lot. Why would we expect this dysfunctional system to lead us to wellness?

We can break this cycle and take responsibility for our own health and wellness. We can be well. The good news is that we don't have to do it alone. Many can help us - coaches and trainers, chiropractors, nutritionists, and even helpful friends and neighbors just to name a few. In fact, there are many more wellness resources from outside of the health care system than from within it. Unfortunately, they're scattered and not understood by many. That's why this Alliance exists.

At the Alliance we want to help you get off the health care treadmill to nowhere. We want to be well, and we want you to be well. By coming together in unity, we can change our culture and ourselves.

The More Health Less Care Alliance is a gathering of diverse wellness professionals who are ready to help you. But the Alliance is also you, the individual who wants to change, but doesn't know where to start. This site is a place to meet other seekers, learn new ideas, get motivated, and find the help you need on your journey to wellness. You may also have a story to share, a tip to pass along, or an encouraging word for others. Never forget that you may be the help that someone else needs.

The More Health Less Care Alliance is more than a web site - it's a movement - a movement away from sickness and healthcare towards wellness! We're building America's Wellness System.


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