A Comprehensive Digital Media Content and Consulting Company


Our approach, Content and the fundamental monetization of “these” media products are consumed/listened/watched on various sized screens
and distributed across multiple platforms – coined as “Constant Programming”.

As Content producers, funding, developing, creating, and marketing original content of all types: Feature Films, Scripted Television/Cable Shows, Commercials, etc.Our approach to Producing is based on the fundamentals of Creative Story-telling Endeavors, with each Talent fully engaged and/or engaging within the collective and/or production. The process has been coined the “Closed Creative Collective” also known as “C3″.

Description: “C3″ is an model for efficiently producing comprehensive advertising and entertainment content for digital media distribution.
Each C3 is comprised of 3 to 100+ creative and managerial professionals, each evaluated based on (3) core proficiencies, then organized within an niche “C3″ branded collective.To give an analogy, much like an instrumental “Jam Band”, with the entirety of the members performing within close proximity of each other, thus creating a fundamental understanding as to the entire production. So from pre-production to live-action and post production our C3 process is a closed set of creative and managerial talents, making for the productivity of their creativity and technical proficiency to maximum output levels throughout the production. At the core of the model, produces a high quality and quantity of content – Efficiently.

As Consultants, performing in an Intermediary function with Media Conglomerates, Advertisers, and Content Producers for the monetization of Digitally Distributed Content World-Wide. Derived from the scientific proprietary advertisement model,“Intermediate Advertisement Synthesis Algorithm” also known as (I.A.S.A.).

Description: The I.A.S.A. model is the paradigm shift from “Break” to “Continuous” advertisement distribution. This is performed by the engineering of “Intermediate Mechanism”. These are engineered rich-media mechanisms designed to perform as audio/video one-dimentional continuum in Time, Environment, and Story-line placed within the narrative-construct at optimal placement while consuming and/or viewing digital content.

Athena Ashburn – Partner/President of Content

Athena Ashburn is an award-winning actress, producer and writer. Athena’s name holds significant meaning for her. As such, she has always proudly and courageously lived up to the strength inherent in the Greek goddess of wisdom that is her namesake. For Athena, her name remains a constant touchstone, representing her skillful use of time-earned insights to discover new opportunities to further her career, empowering herself through the wisdom in every choice she makes. Athena has produced award-winning feature films associated with studios including Weinstein Company, MGM, HBO, First Independent Pictures, and Roadside Attractions.

After studying motion picture production at NYU’s prestigious TISCH School of the Arts, Athena immediately began forging estimable careers for herself in multiple areas of the film industry. For her debut venture as a producer/actress, Athena attracted Academy Award® and Emmy winning actors to appear in The Elevator, a film in which she also starred. She garnered the “Best Supporting Actress” Award at the New York Independent Film & Video Festival for her work in The Theory of the Leisure Class, which also won the festival’s “Best Thriller” prize, marking the first in a series of award- winning productions realized through Athena’s producing vision and hard work.

Athena served as a Producer Consultant for Bold Films, and served as “hands on” co-producer on Emilio Estevez’ epic ensemble piece, “Bobby“. Released by Weinstein Company/MGM Nov 17th, 2006, which was nominated for “Best Picture” at 2007 Golden Globes. Along with co-producing the feature. While at Bold Films, Athena co-produced the risqué dark comedy, Mini’s First Time, starring Alec Baldwin, Luke Wilson, and Jeff Goldblum, with Kevin Spacey serving as producer. Athena was Producer Consultant on Come Early Morning, starring Ashley Judd, as well as oversaw development on numerous projects for Bold prior to her exit to form her own production company as Partner/Executive Producer at Morph Syndicate.

Currently Athena is Executive Producer with Informant Media on the feature Film “Brundibar“, based on a true story, slated 2012. Athena is gearing up for second season the new TV series “20 Dollar” – a 21st century Twilight Zone. The first episode pays homage to Athena’s late aunt Inger Stevens, who starred in the famous TZ episode “The Hitch- Hiker”.