As  a Registered Dietitian - Mosadi's focus is on educational and behavioural approaches to support sustainable changes for healthy eating.  Personalized nutrition utilizing lab tests are available such as personalized nutrition recommendations based on your genes to identify health and injury risks, food sensitivities, and food cravings.  These lab tests also help support fertility, enhance exercise performance, and reduce disease risk.

Mosadi specializes in nutrition care for heart disease, weight  loss, weight gain, high blood pressure, dyslipidemia (cholesterol),  metabolic syndrome, emotional eating, gastrointestinal disorders, food  allergies and intolerances, vegetarian diets, sports nutrition,  nutrition for an active lifestyle, group education/workshops/and  seminars, pregnancy (pre and post), management of nutrition-related health problems, diabetes/pre-diabetes/diabetes prevention, and  nutrition for overall health.  

Through Nutrition and Wellness with  Mosadi consulting - dietitian services are provided addressing person and  family-centred care, group education, support and wellness programs to  address barriers and strategies to overcome barriers to achieve one's  nutrition and wellness goals.  The aim is to aid others in achieving optimal nutrition and health status as well as to prevent  nutrition-related disease.


Nutrition Counselling

Initial Session - Mosadi will review your eating habits, health history, social history, and any other information that is relevant to your situation. Mosadi will then work with you to provide a nutrition care plan based on your needs, lifestyle habits, preferences, and goals. Mosadi will do a nutrition and lifestyle assessment and provide an individualized meal plan, grocery list, weekly menus and recipes, educational tools and resources, goal setting, e-mail support.

Follow-up sessions - Mosadi will review your eating habits and progress and make recommendations. Mosadi will make recommendations based on your individual needs such as discussing your food diary, recipes and cooking, menus, planning for meals and snacks, grocery shopping and label reading, weight management, eating out, emotional eating. Mosadi will discuss strategies to motivate you, to achieve your goals, and to help you to stay on track.

Nutrigenomix - Nutrigenomix is a simple genetic test using your saliva that will help Mosadi create personalized nutrition recommendations that are based on your DNA! Personalized recommendations can help to optimize a client’s nutritional status and specifically focus on preventing diseases that the individual may be predisposed to, such as obesity, cardiovascular ailments, and diabetes.

Body Composition Analysis - Mosadi will measure your body fat, fluid, lean mass utilizing bioelectrical impedance technology.

Group Education - Provided on a variety of food and nutrition-related topics.

Workplace Wellness - A combination of interactive workshops and coaching to inspire, uplift, and promote health and wellbeing in the workplace.

Craving ChangeTM - This is a 4-week series that takes a cognitive-behavioural approach to eating that looks at why we eat the way we do and strategies to support sustainable change based on targeting specific eating behaviours.

Resource Development

Resource development to support a variety of educational tools and resources
Curriculum Development
Mosadi will assess, develop, and disseminate curricula that addresses a variety of food and nutrition issues and topics.

Written Materials
Mosadi will assess, develop, and disseminate pamphlets, handouts, and articles that addresses a variety of food and nutrition issues and topics.

Resource Review
Mosadi will review your educational resources and tools and provide revisions and recommendations focused on the most current and evidence-based food and nutrition-related information.

Cooking Class
Mosadi will provide a 1.5 hour interactive cooking class at your location which includes planning the menu based on your individual needs - participants provide the ingredients, cookware, and utensils.

Kitchen Makeover
A 1.5 hour session where Mosadi will review and assess the contents in your refrigerator and pantry then provide recommendations about changes you can make to support your food and nutrition goals as well as to help you to achieve healthy cooking and snacking habits. Supplementary resources include nutritional recommendations, healthy alternatives, grocery guide, and storage tips.

Cooking/Kitchen Makeover Combo
A 2 hour interactive combination of a private cooking class and kitchen makeover at your location where Mosadi will plan the menu based on your individual needs as well as assess the contents of your refrigerator and pantry to support healthy cooking and eating habits. Supplementary resources include nutritional recommendations, healthy alternatives, grocery guide, and storage tips.