Success in life is the ultimate achievement to experience and enjoy life. To achieve the required success one has to experience yourself, know your strengths and weaknesses while mastering the art of human communication and maximising the art of building relationships. Successful communication is the forerunner of good relationships which is the cornerstone of social and business success. Unhappiness is a sign of poor or lost communication which cause unhealthy relationships which exclude one from the happy and enjoy full circle of people required to sustain one's happiness. We are but one link in a world that compete for the attention of other links and if we cannot display that which attracts the attention of others we are excluded and then we are alone, the most unenviable position for loneliness which creates the germ for self doubt and self destruction. Most individuals only achieve part of the success they are capable of, because they have never discover their full potential, their inner strengths and the art of proper communication through attitude, behavior and personal connection. Beautiful and very talented individuals are some of the most unhappy people there is,because of a lack of proper social and communication skills. We all want to believe our social and communication skills are good and excellent. That is human nature. However research have shown that only fifteen percent of people have been able to master that skill. Do your own test and sit among a group of people and analyses the way they communicate and interact. Most of the time people just talk and very few listens. Watch the attitude and behavior that attracts or rejects personal approach. Most of us are floating particles among many and in our touching of others we desperately try to impress to be accepted. The first acceptance sometimes do not last because we do not have the social skills to maintain the connection. Tragedy strikes when two or more individuals are thrown together by circumstances beyond their control and they have to stuck together without the natural binding forces of good relations present. Unhappy marriages give us the best examples where social ability and skill are lacking.
The other most dynamic and greatest binding force, our spirit, is the most unknown factor to ninety nine percent  of individuals. Those who have discovered it,  have the most powerful weapon in the arsenal of the human beings' existence. The spirit of man is the dynamo of his power and drive. The saying the spirit is more powerful than the physical body has been proven over and oer again.Those who have find their spirit are more self reliant than others. They have the ability to recognise self worth within themselves and do not have to rely on others to create their self worth. A quiet self confidence flows from this and these individuals seem to accept the worse and the good in their stride. There is a quiet self reliant power which make them leaders and successful without shouting it from the rooftops. People tend to spot them, follow them and accept their leadership without question. They also have  spiritual contact with other people that also seems as if they control others. To help me in my work I have written a book The Guarantee to explain this and advise people what to do to find this power within themselves. The book also advise on the basic principles of how to maximise that which we have to make our lives better and more enjoyable. At the end of the day it is up to each individual to maximise own efforts to achieve maximum results. All the advice and assistance, if not utilised, means nothing if we are not interested to improve ourselves. Those who are serious about their own life and future success normally listens to advice and make every effort to implement the successful ingredients which give them the upper hand over those who do not. Your success and happiness is therefore in your own hands. Do not be worse off than you can be. Maximize your potential, abilities and turn them into skilled and polished capabilities which will serve you best in your social and business life