In India, Car is considered a part of the family and an Emotion. You work for a corporation, are an engineer, a doctor, a businessperson, a taxi driver, or a travel agency. If you own a car, you will have to waste valuable time sitting at the service station while it is repaired. Depending on the issue of your car, someone may need six hours or six days. If the same issue arises at night, don't ask how painful it is because of a mechanical failure; if you get it, you must pay on-demand fees. As automobile owners, we've all probably experienced this to some extent, Or, the talents of mechanics who have worked in the garage for a long time and have accrued a lot of experience are mocked by paying them less.
When the value of time is discussed nowadays, the time we spend sitting at the service station waiting hour by hour for our cars to be serviced appears to me to have no worth of time.

Motoserv offers car owners and mechanics a CHOICE in the auto repair industry and unlimited compensation to mechanics while providing fast service to their customers, such as "emergency calls, instant estimates, and booking services in a very simple process", value for the time customers spend at the doorstep with the vehicle maintenance app, and the parts delivery platform gives people with little education the opportunity to earn money or allows parts sellers to increase their sales and leverage the multi-vendor platform.

It operates in a very straightforward manner, such as when a customer places an order through the Motoserv vehicle service App, the mechanic is assigned automatically and receives an order notification for their Mechanic mobile application. The mechanic then visits the customer within 20 minutes, inspects the car, and generates a spare parts order through the app. At that point, the parts order reaches the city's chosen parts vendor, who then receives an order notification through the parts vendor portal and instantly checks the availability of parts. The delivery boy received the pick-up and drop-off location via the delivery app, picked up the parts, and delivered them to the mechanic's location. The mechanic completed his work, updated the order and service history, and within a second generated a bill automatically. these procedures coexist with mint, The platform takes at least 30 minutes to complete this task, and it may take longer depending on the Issue of the car. Every step is completed in front of the customer.
Car owners and mechanics are benefited from SaaS platforms like Consistent and Reliable Service, Transparent Pricing, Technology Driven Execution, Personalize Customer Experience, Loyalty Programmed, and Incentive. Motoserv aspires to become one of the largest doorstep Technician service platforms in India.
In the near future, we aspire to take Motoserv to greater heights like being the CHOICE for vehicle owners and mechanics all across India for their car service and maintenance.
To know more about us and avail of our services, do visit our website: www.motoserv.in