Motovicity Distribution is a high performance parts distributor located in Michigan. We carry over 120 brands that specialize in sport compact performance. From turbochargers, to air intakes, to connecting rods, we have it on the shelf and ready to ship. We have a national network of shops in the US, and we are now expanding our offerings into Canada.  

Motovicity was designed from the beginning to be much more than just a warehouse.  Staffed by an experienced and enthusiastic team, we offer a level of service that no other WD can match. Our knowledge of the aftermarket parts industry has made us more than just a source for performance parts. We have become an integral part of the industry because we have two basic goals: to deliver high quality performance parts to the shops and to cultivate new enthusiasts by supporting the industry.

We also fully understand and support the two-step distribution model. We don’t sell to the end user, so we won’t be competing with you for the same sale. Instead, we work with you to help you grow your business by sending as much information downstream as possible.  That way you’ll know about new products and other opportunities as soon as we do.  We have spent many years fine tuning our inventory levels to ensure we have the parts that your shop needs, when you need them. But we stock not only the popular parts, we also stock many of the unusual parts that are only occasionally required, but always seem to be needed at the last-minute.

Our staff is truly the heart of our operation.  All of our staff members are committed to this industry, and firmly believe in what we do. Our sales staff in particular dedicates themselves to being an informational resource for their customers, not simply an order taker.  This is why we have consistent training sessions with our manufacturers to ensure that our staff members are experts on everything we sell.

Call us today to find out how we can help you Boost Your Business.  No buy-in, low freight costs, knowledgeable staff, and the parts you need in-stock & ready to ship.  

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