While traditional drug and alcohol rehabs will reverberate messages that they are the best, Mountainside Treatment Center has allowed its actions to speak more loudly.

In just 11 years of existence, Mountainside has attended thousands of drug addicts and has planted a seed of hope in many life where there was hopelessness. Though its affordable drug and alcohol rehab, the true intent of helping the drug addict in his battle against drugs has been fulfilled.

Our residents know that they are not just in another drug and alcohol rehab, but rather in an institution that breathes through compassion, teamwork and genuine feedback to sput them towards rehabilitation.

Mountainside had fled from  the traditional program that many drug and alcohol rehabs have adopted. In doing so it has unleashed a an  effective cure that focuses on the addicts on personal conviction rather that persuasion to change.

Esteemed by the White House in 2005,for its innovative efforts in drug rehabilitation, Mountainside Treatment Center continues to be an example that many drug and alcohol rehabs have followed.