MOVEMENT121's vision is to transform 1,000,000 people trapped in unfathomable poverty to become self-sustaining.  Our mission is to activate a movement of world-changers who provide people in the poorest regions with support, hope, capital, markets, and the opportunity to use their skills and resources to establish self-sustaining, legacy-transforming businesses. Lives are changed forever.

M121 is the exclusive retailer of CAUSEGEARâ„¢ and CAUSEWEARâ„¢, a new type of product that engages an on-going one-to-one relationship between the consumer and the crafter.  Consumers become part of a movement of helping the poor in a sustainable way - they know the crafters of the products they purchase on an one-on-one basis and see how crafter lives' are transformed through consumer purchases.  For the crafter, the relationship provides life change through self-sustainable on-going income, microfinance opportunities, education, skill development, and business tools.  Both lives are changed forever - the crafter and the consumer need each other to achieve greater significance and purpose in life.  For more information, visit us on the web at http://www.movement121.com