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Giving yourself the best possible chance that your new lifestyle in Bulgaria will match up to your expectations of living in a foreign country is important. Helping you to plan your new expat life overseas and turn your plans into reality is what MovetoBG is all about.

Moving overseas is an exciting prospect but it is easy to underestimate the many practical, emotional and personal challenges involved in exchanging familiar friends, family and surroundings for a new culture and way of life. Your new life in Bulgaria will involve establishing new friendships and leisure opportunities, adjusting to unfamiliar surroundings, and often meeting the multiple needs of partners or children. Finance, employment, schooling, health care, social contacts and language are are just some of the key issues to consider.

Many people who have already emigrated here emphasise the importance of investing as much time in planning these key lifestyle issues as in choosing your location and property. We know that this is true, because we've done it - but we can't deal with these issues for you any more than we can make decisions on your behalf. What we can do, though, is ensure that you have all the information, advice and assistance that you need when you are planning your move to your new life in Bulgaria ...

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